Sunday, September 1

Aftermath and a new start.

I opened my eyes and got back on my feet. The whole Library was in ruins. The Unnamed child's body had exploded and knocked me out. Once I got back on my feet and regained my balance I noticed Kyra was also knocked out.
I walked over to her to see if she was alright. Apparently she was. That just shows how tough nests are. Freaking overpowered bastards. Anyway, she woke up when I called her name.

Me:" You okay?"
Kyra:" Yeah, I'll be alright."

I helped her get up and she thanked me. She fucking thanked me. o.O Normally I'd get a "Don't touch me." or something.

Me:"..Since when do you thank people?"
Kyra:" Huh?..oh..I just.. I don't know.."
Me:"You sure you're Okay?"
Kyra:" The birds.. they're not controlling me."
Kyra:" I don't know, I can still feel their presence but.. I'm back in control over myself. I'"
Me:"How is that even.."

Suddenly Echo crawls out from under a fallen book rack. We helped her get out safely.

Me:" You okay Echo?"
Echo:"..I think so.. its just, the Voices."
Me:"What are they saying?"
Echo:"Nothing.. The whispers are gone..THE WHISPERS ARE GONE!"

I've never seen her so happy. o.O
Same counts for Kyra, she fucking smiled. Kyra never smiles, ever. But she was smiling this time.
Didn't last long though. Echo quickly got back to being scared. Mainly because she's afraid that the Voices will come back. And Kyra started crying. And I was standing there with no clue on what to do.

I had almost forgotten about the Martyrs and the Library girls. As soon as I remembered I went to look for them. The Martyrs were all dead and so was Trish. The other girl was still alive though.
I called Kyra and Echo over to her and we carried her over to the couch.
A little while later she opened her eyes and jumped up.

Me:"Its okay, the Instant is gone, he's sealed."
Her;"The what now?! Who are you people?! Oh god why are there dead people on the floor?!"
Me:".. We were here to protect the Catacombs remember?"
Her:"The what?"
Me:" The domain of the Blind man?..Wait.."

She started crying. I then realized her eye color had changed. Her dark brown eyes were now grey. I suddenly remembered the Blind man touching her and I had read somewhere that Gifted had grey eyes.
She probably had been gifted with a new set of memories. But for some reason she didn't remember her old memories.

Me:"What's the last thing you remember?"
Her:"I..a play, there was a play and then .. screaming. That faceless thing  I ran to the bathroom and and.. Oh god.. I died."
Me:"You what?"
Her:" They killed me.. it must have been a dream.. but how did I end up here?.."
Me:"Maybe. Its Okay now though you're safe with us."

She then wiped her tears and froze.

Me:"Whats wrong."
Her:"My hands.."
Me:" Your hands look fine to me." I started thinking the Choir had infected her through Echo and she was seeing things or something.
Her:"They're black.. "
Me:"Well, so is the rest of you.. "
Her:"What are you talking about I'm Japanese... What the hell happened?!"
Me:"You're..Japanese?.. What?"

I'll save you the rest of this conversation because it was long and confusing as shit. But I managed to conclude that:

  1. Her name is Veronica.(The one she remembers at least.)
  2. She doesn't know ANYTHING about the Archive or even other Fears.
  3. She has none of her original memories.
  4. She has all of someone else their memories. (Half Belgian/Japanese girl named Veronica.)
  5. She remembers dying by the hands of two monsters.
  6. One of the "monsters" sounds a lot like Slendy.
  7. The other one reminds me of the Wooden girl.

Now I offered to keep her safe for a while, at least until she gets used to her Identity crisis. Kyra and Echo also want to stay around me. Apparently they have no clue what to do now their Fears are not controlling them. Echo seems more stable now, still paranoid but that's probably normal in her situation. Kyra however is constantly crying and apologizing for all the horrible things she did after becoming a nest. And Veronica is sleeping to recover from all this shit.

Wait.. If the Convocation and Choir are gone.. then Oh my god SHINE! Shine are you there?

Hmm?.. Oh sorry, yes I'm here. ^.^

Phew.. I thought you were gone too.

Nope. Still here. The Instant is gone now though. And I promised I'd leave your body alone as soon as we got him.

...True.. But I changed my mind. I'm going to need your help.

With? o.O

My next target. What do you think partner? Shall we kill another Fear?

Lets. :D
OOH ooh, are Kyra, Echo and the new girl gonna be helping?

Dunno. I'd have to talk to them.

If they say yes we should make a new group blog. For all of us! :3

That's not a bad idea..
A new mission, a new group and a new start. <x3

The Storm, part II

After shooting the Instant I realized that was my last bullet. ._.
So I just threw away the gun and sighed. It didn't matter, guns wouldn't have worked anyway.

The Instant: "Giving up already? That's fast." His grin widened.
Me: "I don't need a gun to stop you."
The Instant: "Its useless, you humans really overestimate yourselves. You can't fight the Gods."
Me:"You're right we do overestimate ourselves. And we can't fight gods. But then again, you're not a god. You're just a shard of a broken and dead god."

That seemed to piss him off. He charged towards me and tried to punch me. I grabbed his fist (or her fist, its confusing..) and blocked it. It was a strong punch but not nearly as strong as I was expecting from a Fear. The Instant seemed surprised too. His expression changed quickly, confused about why I was able to stop him probably.

Shine: "You've absorbed too much of the Unnamed Child's power. You've weakened your host and lost your advantage."
The Instant: " Bullshit!"

I punched him in the face and he stumbled back, kicked him in the stomach. He almost fell down.
His annoying grin disappeared from her face*. Again he charged at me, I dodged, grabbed his/her arm, put my feet in front of his/hers and threw him/her on the floor. He jumped back up and started throwing more punches at me.
He had more power than me but he didn't have any combat training. His movements were predictable. So I managed to block or dodge most of them.

But then I slipped up and he managed to land a blow. I stumbled back against a book rack. He charged at me again. In his rage he seemed to have forgotten about the door to the Catacombs.
He was focused on me now.

I dodged his punches and landed a few myself. But My focus was to get him away from the door and towards the Book. (Even though I still didn't know how to seal him in it. x.x) While I was dancing my way towards where the Library girls were hiding, Kyra and Echo were dealing with the last few Nameless.

Me:" No."

Punched him in the face again. It was then that the Library girls came running out.

Trish: "We've figured out a way to stop him!"
The Instant: "What?!"
Me:" Don't shout the plan while the Instant is listening, damn it!"

Again I punched the Instant while he was distracted.

Me: "Tell Kyra what to do! "

I kept hitting him to keep him busy.
The Girls run towards Kyra but are attacked by two nameless. Trish manages to shoot one of them with a shotgun. But the other jumps at her from the side and stabs her. The other girl screams and drops the Book.

Me: "Shit!"

Distracted by that I failed to notice the Instant's fist. He landed a heavy punch and I hit the wall behind me. He then seemed to suddenly remember about the Catacombs and walked over to the door.
I jumped up and attacked him. He threw me off himself and against a book rack. Echo suddenly attacked him from behind but he punched her in the face and escaped her.
He then dashed towards the door. I got up and ran to the door to stop him, but he was too fast.

Suddenly he stopped moving. His grin reappeared as he looked towards the Book.
I turned around and saw an old man standing over the book. He was wearing a black coat, sunglasses and a fedora.

The Instant:" The Blind Man."

I froze. All our efforts to keep the Instant away from the Blind man and here he just shows up in the middle of the battle. WTF!
The Instant started walking towards the Blind man. The Blind man calmly picked up the Book and opened it. He turned to the Librarian girl (not Trish, the other one.) and put his hand on her head. She closed her eyes and fell on her knees before collapsing on the floor.
The Instant dashed towards the Blind man to jump into him.

The Blind man: "..In any city, in any country..."

The Blind man didn't move as the Instant lay his hand on the Blind man. The Unnamed child's body collapsed. A bright flash followed.
The Book closed and a title appeared on it. "The Holder of the Instant."
The Blind man nodded towards me and disappeared.

Me:"What the hell just happened?.."
Shine: "He jumped while the Blind man was reading."
Me: "So he's.."
Shine:"Gone, it's over. The Instant has been sealed."

Before we had a chance to celebrate the Unnamed child's lifeless body started cracking. Out from the cracks a green light was glowing. The light flashed followed by a Bang.

*(Goddamn it this thing's gender is more confusing than EAT's. Do I stick to the Instant's assumed male gender or do I refer to it as female, because its the Unnamed Child's body?)

The Storm, part I

Kyra's birds saw them first. A massive army of nameless. Too many of them to count, marching towards the Library. If you could call it "marching", looked more like shambling. (Seems like the Instant forgot to feed his army.)
I was almost expecting them to groan: "Chaaange??".
A cookie for anyone that catches the reference.

We all grabbed our weapons and got behind some cover we set up earlier. Except the Librarian girls, they were hiding with the Book. I was behind a desk that we put on its side. Waiting for the signal.
The nameless were getting closer, the streets were filled with them. This was it, the final battle.

They rushed towards the Library and started pounding on the windows to get through the barricades. Some of them noticed the front door wasn't barricaded and tried to get through there. It was locked so they had issues getting through.

After a few minutes they managed to shatter the glass of the door and burst through. And Boom, explosive trap. Killed a few of them instantly. The others just trampled over the dead bodies and stormed inside.

The Explosion was the signal, we started gunning them down. While Kyra's raptors and birds attacked the Nameless that were still outside. They were dropping like flies, yet they just kept coming.
By the time I had to reload the entrance was so full of bodies that they formed a barricade against the living ones.

It looked like this would be a cakewalk. But then they got through the window barricades. Soon they were coming from all directions and we were inches away from being overpowered.
It was then that Echo stepped up and screamed her lungs out. The nameless dropped to the ground and became easy targets. (We had earplugs.)
It was all going too well. And we all know what happens when these things go too well.
Shit hits the fan.

The Shit took the form of The Instant who just teleported into the Library from nowhere. "Fuck." Everyone on our side said at the same time.
The Unnamed Child's body had changed. It had grown Older, around my age. But for the rest it looked completely like Kyra described, including the Instant's annoying grin on its face.
He appeared in front of Martyr Mu and waved his hand. Suddenly the Big Martyr guy stopped shooting and turns around.

Martyr Epsilon(leader): "What the hell are you doing Mu! Keep shooting these bastards!"

Then to every one's horror the big guy aimed his heavy machine gun and shot his leader. She fell dead and everyone ducked behind some cover. Theta tried calming him down but the big guy just tossed a grenade, Killing both his team mates. I pulled Echo behind some cover just before he shot at her. Luckily, he missed.

Kyra sneaks behind him and cuts his throat open. Meanwhile the Instant is walking towards the door to the Catacombs. I jump up and stand in between him and the door. Aiming my gun at him.

The Instant: "Out of my way Shining one."
Shine: "We won't let you through you bastard."
The Instant: "Do you really think you and your human pet can stop me now?"
Shine: "She's not a pet, she's my friend."
Me: "Well, only one way to find out."

I then shot the bastard in the head.
It didn't do much, he just healed himself and chuckled.

Friday, August 30

Quiet before the Storm

We've been spending time barricading the windows and stuff. (Except the front door because it opens outward.  .-. ) Getting our weapons ready and coming up with a strategy. Luckily we've got the advantage when it comes to firepower. And Kyra is able to increase our numbers. So its not the nameless I'm worried about.

Its the fact that we still don't know how to trap the Instant in that book. The Librarians and Martyrs have no clue either. We can't just force him to read it. He's inside the damn Unnamed Child.
We also need to stop him from entering the Catacombs. It's impossible to plan this properly, we'll just have to improvise.

Things never go right when I have to improvise.. Goddamn it.

As for Social interactions, they're not happening. Me, Kyra and Echo (and Shine) Stick to one corner. The Martyrs stick to their corner and the Librarian girls are acting like we're not even here.
I tried talking to the black girl (still don't know her name) but her boss keeps telling her to do stuff so she's always busy.
Kyra and Echo are as talkative as ever. So its just me, Shine and these books.

Honestly I just want this to be over with. Come on Instant, we're waiting.

Thursday, August 29

The Martyrs

The Squad has arrived. There's only 4 of them.. I expected more. At least they've got enough firepower. Apparently the Other Squads are either busy or guarding other Libraries in case the Instant decides to switch locations. That's 9 people (two of which are just librarians) against a Fear possessing a Fear and an army of servants. Sounds like its gonna be a blast. ._.

Its like the Rake thing All over again. But without the Black dog and Newborn helping us.
How do I keep getting mixed up in these situations? I don't even.

One second...

Sorry about that. One of the Martyrs decided it would be a good Idea to hit on Kyra. She told him to fuck off. His Team mate told him to leave her alone because she's a nest. A dangerous one.
(It's true, look what she did to The instant's hide out a few days ago.)
So the guy gives up and moves over to Echo.

Martyr(jerk): "So sweet cheeks, why so lonely?"
She glared at him.
Martyr: "Not the talkative type huh? That's cool, I'll just do talking then. Did anyone ever tell you how smoking hot you are?"

Then the dumb shit touches her arm. Of course, Echo being Echo,  pushes the guy down and attacks him. Before she starts screeching the other Martyrs aim their guns at her. Me and Kyra respond by aiming our guns at them. My first Mexican standoff, how wonderful..

Martyr (2): "Whoa, people there's no need for this. We're all on the same side."
Martyr (jerk): "Tell that to her Theta."
Me: "Your buddy on the floor here started it. Echo has Choir Problems, she's not entirely stable, mentally I mean."
Martyr Theta:" Well neither is Nu over there."
Martyr Nu: "Hey! I'm not crazy."
Martyr Theta: "Lets all just put our weapons down and not kill each other. We're supposed to be guarding the Catacombs here. "
Me: " Agreed. Can't do that when we're dead."

So then everyone put their weapons down and we made sure to keep Echo away from that jerk ass. She's hiding in a corner right now.

As for who these guys are:

Martyr Nu: A jerk, seems to hit on every female he sees. Apparently the sharpshooter of the squad. Has a Creepy moustache.

Martyr Theta: Medic of the group and seemingly only normal guy on the squad.

Martyr Mu: Big bald guy. Heavy armor and Gun. Apparently doesn't ever say a word.

Martyr Epsilon: Female. Leader of the Squad. Short white hair. Seems to be 40-ish years old. Not sure. Has as much happiness inside of her as Kyra does, None. Apparently she didn't try calming down her squad because she hates outsiders. (Insiders too it seems.)

The Library

We arrived at the Library. It was more modern than I expected. I was expecting an old dusty and dark library with a creepy Librarian. Instead I got a Library that's likely younger than me and a cute Librarian girl. She was black (Can't say African American, because this ain't America. African European? African Belgian? I have no clue really.) and around my age. Her jet-black hair was braided into a pony tail-thingy.

Her: "Welcome, you must be the Cloudgirls.
Me: "Cloudgirls?"
Her: "We've seen your blog."
Me: "Ah.. Are we that recognizable?.."
Her: "Mostly her." She pointed at Echo.

Its true, Echo's weird hair color stands out anywhere. That's not a good thing..
It also could have been her constant panicked expression. Any little sound would be enough for her to panic. That's what the Choir does to people I guess. Luckily Shine makes me Immune for it.

Library girl: "Wait here, I'll go get my boss."
Me: "Okay."

A few minutes later she comes back with her boss. A woman somewhere in her thirties I think. Wearing a dark red trench coat, glasses and her blond hair with a normal ponytail.

Boss-lady-person: "Welcome to my Library, my name is Trish Deckers. The Archive appreciates your offer to help. Feel free to use our Library as a temporary hide out. Just be sure to put everything back where it belongs if you should use it.
Unfortunately we only have two beds here so.."
Me: "It's okay, we have Sleeping bags."
Trish: "Excellent. I'll let you settle in while we wait for the Martyr squad to arrive."
Me:" The soldier guys aren't here yet?"
Trish: "They should arrive any moment now."

(They still haven't arrived.)

We just now set up our things, grabbed a few weapons. Just in case the Instant attacks earlier. Luckily there aren't too many Places around here with access to the Catacombs or we'd have no Idea where The Instant will attack. But for now its peaceful, so I might go read a book while we wait for the Martyr squad.

Monday, August 26


I contacted the Archive. Apparently they already knew. (Nine chances out of ten its because they keep track of my blog.) They did accept my offer to help defend the Catacombs though. So me, Kyra and Echo And me! .. And Shine, are moving to a nearby entrance to the catacombs. A group of archivists will be waiting for us there apparently.

I can feel the tension in the air. That or its just my nerves or Shine shenanigans.

Nu! D:

I know, I know, twas a joke.
Grabbing the last supplies and then we head out. Hopefully the Archive knows a way to trap the Instant in that Book. Otherwise we'll just have to gamble and improvise. Not really the best strategy to stop the end of the world but I don't have anything better at this point.
So.. Wish us luck. We'll need every bit of it.